Sister School Adoption


The program enables a school to raise funds to adopt a school in India. The program will enable the students to contribute to a noble cause and get associated to an overseas school in India. One school can adopt as many school as they can, during a year. Each contribution of $4,500 will fund one school with a water purifier in India. The school where the water purifier is installed will be become the sister school. The students and teachers will become affiliates and will be able to communicate and Face Time to build cross border association.

Champion Team:

For a school to enter into the Sister School program, a Champion team has to be formed. The Champion team will include:
3 Students
A Teacher
A Parent

Now the Champion team will raise $4,500 towards a water purifier to be installed in a school in India. 

Yearly Competition:

A yearly competition for the academic year September – June is established. Every school that participates in a Sister School Program will enroll in a yearly competition. The school that adopts the maximum schools in India for a given year, will be announced as the winner for the yearly completion.

The champion team that wins for the given academic year will get a free trip to India in the following year during the month of December during the break. 

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