Roar 4 Change installs its first Water Purifier under the Clean Water 4 Future Program

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About Roar 4 Change:

Roar 4 Change is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing change and increasing the Happiness Index by actively contributing to the socioeconomic development of all communities worldwide. Roar 4 Change focuses on helping the community, environment and providing disaster support through its initiatives; Roar 4 Help, Roar 4 Happiness, and Roar 4 Water.

The Roar 4 Change team carried out water tests on the water the school children were drinking and the water from the Water ATM purifier. The table below illustrates the key elements that were found above the acceptable limits and value from the Water ATM. 

Photographs: On the left ex-Managing Director CIDCO interacting with the school principal and the donors. On right, School children the guests enjoying the clean water. 

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Mr. Baljit Singh, Program Director said, “We are thankful to the donors who have come together to install the first purifier. A donation of INR 2,31,000 (USD$3,500) was collected from the community to install the first water purifier.” The list of the donors is given below. Mr. Singh further added, “We are now reaching out schools in USA and Canada to enroll in a sister school program. A champion team to be formed for each school which will comprise of a teacher, a parent and 3 school children. The Champion team will drive the collection of $4,500 for the water purifier. We are also finalizing a bank where the Champion Team would be able to open an account. Once a collection of $4,500 has reached, Roar 4 Change team will install a water purifier in the school in India. The school in India will get connected to the school in USA under the sister school program. The children will gain cross-cultural learnings. The children in USA school will also gain banking knowledge.” To enroll in the Sister School Program, please visit the Roar 4 Change website:

August 28th, 2016

Roar 4 Change team installs its first water purifier at a school in Panel, Navi Mumbai, India. The team has taken a mission to install Water purifiers in 100,000 government school by 2020. Mr. Amber Rai Marwah, Director said, “Clean water is critical for everybody. The water purifier that we install in school is not only for school children but also for the community living around. With the school we make the water available to the community after school hours.”  The water purifier was installed at Peer Karam Ali Shah Primary School in Panvel. It is a government school with 300 students of which 165 girls, 135 boys and has 8 teachers. It is from class grade I to grade VIIth. The children come from 5-10km distance to study at the school.

 The first water purifier installed by Roar 4 Change was inaugurated by ex-Managing Director CIDCO & IAS Officer Mr. G.S. Gill on August 20th. Mr. G.S. Gill interacted with the school children and teachers. He encouraged to use the wasted water RO water to clean the floors and water the plants.