A Program for Students to Learn, Give-Back and Win a FREE trip to India!

Roar 4 Change rolls out process for schools to be part of Clean Water 4 Future

September 16, 2016

Roar 4 Change offers schools in USA a unique program where students can come together to be part of a noble cause and also win a FREE trip to India. Roar 4 Change, a Not-for-Profit organization, launched Clean Water 4 Future program under which the team installs industrial water purifiers in government and needy schools in India. Mr. Jeff Tasker, Chairman & Trustee of Roar 4 Change said, “We are seeing the fruits of our efforts. The first water purifier was installed and launched on August 20th, 2016. The first water purifier has been installed in a government school with 300 students. It is an industrial water purifier that was purchased from Voltas Water Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It has technology from DOW Chemical, a USA company and can purify 200 liters / hour, with a storage capacity of 90 liters of water. We are excited to introduce a program for the schools in the USA to be involved in the Clean Water 4 Future program. The students with this program will not only Learn to Give-back but also win a chance for FREE trip to India.”

Mr. Baljit Singh, Program Director said, “World Bank estimates that 21% of communicable diseases in India are related to unsafe water. Over 3 million people, mostly children, die annually from water related diseases. In our first installation, we found that the regular drinking water had Aluminum and Iron levels to be more than 0.25mg/l and 0.518 mg/l. The maximum acceptable level are 0.03 mg/l and 0.3 mg/l for Aluminum and Iron. After the water purifier was installed, it removed these elements and made the water safe for the school children. According to the National Family Health Survey over 350,000 schools in India do not even have water supply facility. Our humble effort under the Clean Water 4 Future will enable school children in USA to be part of a noble cause and make a difference globally. “

Roar 4 Change team has created a simple process for schools to register and roll out the program to all the students in their school.


a.  The school principal will be asked to identify a Champion Teacher to be part of the program. The Champion Teacher will complete the registration using the link below.

Click here to register

b.  Once registered, the participating school will receive an information packet that can be distributed to all students. The information package will contain a letter to the parents with the details on the Clean Water 4 Future program. A Parent-Child Application will need to completed to be part of the Champion Team. A Parent-Child member from each class or grade level maybe selected by the Champion Teacher.

c.  The Clean Water 4 Future fund raising program with school for this year is scheduled from Nov 1st. 2016 to March 31st, 2016. The school may decide to do the fund raising during any time during this time period. It is left to the Champion Teacher and the school to decide on the number of weeks for the fund raising activity.

d.  The Champion team will give all the collections received to the Champion Teacher. The Champion Teacher will mail the collection received in a pre-paid envelope to Roar 4 Change.

e. The school that collects the maximum donation by March 31st 2017 will be winner school of the year.

f. The Champion team members for the top fundraising school will win a FREE trip to India. The trip will be scheduled during the School Holiday break in December 2017. Only one school will be selected as a winner for the FREE trip to India. The winning school announcement will be done during the month of May 2017.


a.  The School Principal will nominate a Champion Teacher who will serve as coordinator for the school. The Roar 4 Change team will direct all communication through the Champion Teacher.

b.  An application for the Parent-Child will be part of the Information packet. A Parent-Child Application will need to completed to be part of the Champion Team.

c.  The School that drives the maximum collection during the program will win a FREE trip to India.

d.  A total of 7 Champion Team members from the winning school will win a FREE trip to India. This will be the Champion Teacher and 3 Parent-Child members. The three Parent-Child members from the winning school who have collected the maximum donations will be the winner for the FREE trip to India.

e.  If the top three Parent-Child donation collectors from the school are unable to take the FREE trip, the trip will be available for the next maximum contributors from the same school.


Please visit our website www.roar4change.org for further information. We look forward to the schools to be part of the program. Please feel free to reach out to Mr. Baljit Singh via email bsingh@roar4change.org or 972-800-6305 for any further queries. Let us come together for Clean Water 4 Future – A Program for Students to Learn, Give-Back and Win a FREE trip to India!

About Roar 4 Change:

website: www.roar4change.org

Roar 4 Change is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing change and increasing the Happiness Index by actively contributing to the socioeconomic development of all communities worldwide. Roar 4 Change focuses on helping the community, environment and providing disaster support through its initiatives; Roar 4 Help, Roar 4 Happiness, and Roar 4 Water.

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